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What are Woyane village boys thinking; salvaging ethnic tyranny?

September 27, 2012

by TeWhat are Woyane village boys thinking?shome Debalke

Welcome to the wonderland of Woyane; where election is selection, free speech is terrorism, death is vacation, robbery is development and governing is reshuffling ethnic stooges. The self proclaimed ethnic minority regimes reached a dead-end; searching for any place and anybody to hide behind.

Woyane is all over at it again. After several weeks of dogging the tyrant’s whereabouts the collection of corrupt ethnic stooges finally accepted their esteem ethnic warlord is dead, not on vacation. When they staged a drama around his death that would pass for Oscar nomination in the fiction category it wasn’t by choice but out of desperation to preserve ethnic tyranny.

Imagine, Woyane that supposedly won by a whooping 99.64 % of the national election in 2010 should have some confidence to tell the truth for the entire population that gave it a five year contract to rule, according to the late tyrant. Instead, the stooges graduated lying to themselves believing their tyrant is still on vacation in the heaven again, it is not a pretty sign.

Everyone, including the poor Woyane stooges know cooking numbers and making up stories is the hallmark of Woyane’s behavior, why fake it? You would hope a party that broke theGuinnessWorldRecordsfor vote rigging would pretend to have the mandate to tell some truth; you can hope all you want but it wouldn’t happen.

Nelson Mandela, the most popular African leader ever lived led ANC couldn’t garner more than 64% of the vote of a polarized society of a minority led Apartheid regime in South Africa. Alike its counterpart in SA the Woyane minority regime claim it swept the election and went into hiding.  Let’s face it; Woyane is good, not only in cooking numbers but making its clueless supporters look stupid to believe it. It should remind us when a self proclaimed Doctor in Washington DC that insisted in public ‘the people have spoken’. With that kind of stupidity from a Doctor Woyane is in good hands with its supporters.

Once again, Woyane stooges were confused over whom to replace the late ethnic warlord and made another drama to pick the clueless Hailemariam. By their own admission they confirmed their late tyrant was a fraud all along. The parliamentarians they assembled in the make believe representatives proven to be a collection of ethnic zombies waiting  for instruction from their TPLF bosses. The Constitution Woyane crafted turned out to be TPLF’s cook book to fool the world. Growth and Transformation turned in to a bonanza of corruption in favor of the stooges. Even, the famous Grand Dam project turns in to a pocket picking opportunity for TPLF. What is left of Woyane?

When that is not enough, the village boys are scrambling to put their own ethnic stooge as the Primer of the country; further proving they are bunch gun-tooting bandits in a cover of a Constitution in Revolutionary Democracy; rubber stamped by zombies of hand picked members of the Selection Board.

Seriously, if we think about it Woyane is not fooling anyone but insulting its clueless and corrupt stooges, cadres and supporter; telling them they have a brain a size of a pea to accept when Woyane makes a mockery of democracy, constitution, rule of law and development. Not withstanding minority ethnic tyranny have no interest in democracy and rule of law the collection of corrupt village boys, some are considered educated enough to understand the basics of governance. But yet, they can’t add one and one together to figure out Woyane is a hoax all along with no chance of redemption. Some even dare to come out in public to defend it with a straight face; reveling they are either functionally illiterates, corrupt to the hilt and racist.  Others still don’t seem to comprehend when a small time tyrant they have been cheering as dear leader all these years left them holding the empty bag.

After all the circus of burying their tyrant, the four Woyane ethnic ‘parties’ that make up  EPDRF turned out to be a gathering of fools led by the late tyrant extraordinary, Chairman of TPLF to no where. Now he is gone for good, the only thing that is holding them together is their massive embezzlement of the nation. Honestly, we should feel sorry for them when they are running around to preserve what their kingpin setup for them to robe the nation blind. When the dust settled the ethnic stooges ended up trapped in their hideout they created as minority party; a tragedy referred as ‘you made the bed sleep in it’.

Another circus among ethnic stooges Woyane just began; when the clueless ethnic lord of ‘the Southern People and Nation and Nationality’ Hailemariam Desalegn volunteered to rescue Woyane. The handpicked stooge by the late Tigray warlord should have known better, instead, he became a toy of confused ethnic gangs to salvage TPLF from dying a natural death, just like its Chairman. It is not unusual tyranny goes where no man has ever gone before, more so with ethnic tyranny.

On the other side of the continent in North America, the former TPLF Founder and ‘Defense Minster’ Seye Abreha that suppose to speed up the demise of minority rule as the official of the Unity and Justice Party came out from no where to help salvage his beloved TPLF too. Not even six year jail time in Woyane dungeon and two years of Harvard education can cure pandering for ethnic tyranny out of his system. To the dismay of Ethiopians that wasted their time to come hoping to hear something worthwhile he showed his true color to disappoint them. It seems the worst fear for ethnic panderers is the unity of our people that will put them out of business. No wonder they jump from place to place to disunite our people in disguise.

Fools never learn from their mistake but, make things worst, sadly on our people’s expenses. Instead of accepting the ethnic game TPLF played is defunct, corrupt and useless to burry it for good they choose to cling to their gun and terrorize Ethiopians while looting her resources as the only hope against all hope to remain in power.

Woyane officially threw out its cover-the so called Constitution, Revolutionary Democracy, Developmental State, and 99.6% vote… under the bus and went back where it started. Ethnic Federalism may have helped it to stick around to do what it did until it disqualified itself of its own making and reached a point of no return. There is no more chance to hide behind a constitution, election, development, terrorism and the rest anymore.

Welcome to reality of shooting your own foot and crying foul. The self declared minority ethnic regime not only made a mockery of ethnicity but run out of excuses for its existence. The best it can come up with is reshuffling ethnic lords to extend its miserable rule and corruption.  Of course, it is not unusual the partners in crime that fatten their pocket book are cheering for anything that would preserve their loots.

The problem of Ethiopia is functionally illiterate and half baked ethnic intellectuals that guide the regime to the bottom of the pits. Like half cooked food you can’t use them or preserve them but, throw them away. Instead of running for their life for their own sake they keep on covering up for notorious and corrupt ethnic tyranny fully aware of the crime against their people. For the most part, their counterparts aren’t better remaining silent when their peers tear their people apart and robbing their country blind.

What is next for Woyane?

For sure, ethnic stooges would do us a favor and themselves if they give up their maneuver, face the music and surrender in peace. It would have made them brave Ethiopians doing the right thing for their people and country than the empty bravado and propaganda they spew. But, most likely it wouldn’t happen until the last hour when there is no way out. It is in their DNA to cling on whatever they embezzled that define their existence in the rush to the bottom. Their second best choice is to create enough diversion to stick around and salvage whatever they can as they are doing now. Therefore, in a hope against all hope they decided to find a ‘minority’ ethnic stooge as a front, hand picked by none other than the late ethnic warlord himself to make them fell they can still hang on with their robbery intact.

Surprisingly, Berket Simon, an Eritrean national with unknown ethnicity and the right hand of the late tyrant that some how claim to represent the Amhara region in the defunct Ethnic Federalism is leading the gangs. As expert in diversion, he will attempt to buy some time until his questionable identity in the ethnic mouse-and-cat game TPLF instigated get the better of him. He is the classic argument for the fraudulent Ethnic Federalism of Woyane.

At the meantime, TPLF gangs in Mekele and their stooges around the world are crying wolf; fearing their daylight robbery is going to end.  Caught between their ethnic enclave and their appetite for national robbery they want to continue having their cake and eat it too to. Their only hope is going to end up ‘shooting first and asking question later’ to preserve what never belonged to them. Like a crazed drug kingpin they want to shoot their way out of the jam they put themselves in; the wrong option that would get them in more trouble than they already got themselves in.

The last remaining option is to release the people of Ethiopia Woyane held hostage and negotiate for safe passage (surrender with face saving scheme). But, this scenario wouldn’t happen until the last hour after exhausting everything to preserve the self declared minority rule. By then, it will be too little too late to surrender in shame like most tyranny did before.

There is a lesson for all of us, especially for Woyane stooges. Organizing by ethnicity for political end is the lowest form of association and un-Ethiopian. Not withstanding Woyane is self declared anti Ethiopian entity, association by ethnicity is only suitable for tyrants and the corrupt not to the dignified people of Ethiopia. It plays on emotion than reason; again, it doesn’t work for mature society like Ethiopians. It is one step above the bottom; appropriate for the lazy to hideout from doing the heavy lifting of instituting democracy and the rule of law, once again unsuitable for Ethiopians that internalized justice and freedom before anyone in the world. It is a zero sum game that doesn’t work in a society like Ethiopia known for our hospitality and sharing the little we have. It defiantly doesn’t guarantee freedom but forced submission for ethnic tyranny and exploitation. It is as foreign for Ethiopians as Woyane.

Those of us that rejected Woyane’s ethnic gerrymandering are vindicated for walking the higher ground. Others misguided to follow it should reject it sooner than later, it is a dead-end as tyranny itself.

Ethiopians are unique people that can’t be defined by modern day ethnic warlords that are confused to figure out their own identity let alone to impose it on the rest us.  Like every inferior tyrant, Woyane used ethnicity to get to and sustain its rule on the back of our people. It proved us beyond a reasonable doubt ethnic tyranny is the worst form of all tyrannies especially for Ethiopians. Looking even closer, Woyane used it to robe us our freedom and pocket book while we are distract. Berket Simon existence alone would tell us Woyane is defunct that played us for fools with Ethnic Federalism while laughing its way to the bank.

It is time unceremoniously burry the worthless Woyane and move-on to tend the problem of our people, the sooner the better. Those that expanded their appetite through corruption; catering for ethnic tyranny would be advised to surrender now when they can before the wind of change consume them. They can’t continue to commit crime against our people any longer and hide behind their ethnicity like cowards.

The stooges of Woyane in Diaspora would also make a big mistake if they feel they are safe from the reaches of Ethiopians. Crime against our people has no statue of limitation or a safe heaven to hide.  The sooner they abandon Woyane and their corrupt practices and come clean with the people of Ethiopia the better they will be.

Delaying the freedom of our people in a cover of ethnic propaganda is a dumb thing to do. Sooner or later justice will knock on your door.

Ethiopians will be free from ethnic tyranny, no one can stop it.

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