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Meles Zenawi Handingout Eritrea’s Refrendum to United Nations Genera’ secretary

The evil Meles Zenawi in chronology

Alamoudi and his baby girlfriend

The evil Meles Zenawi in chronology

The evil Meles Zenawi flying to the hell

The smallest Dictator in the world who died on July 15 2012

Genet Zewdie bought phd title for herself from Dr Abdi

Dictator Meles Zenaw’s last public appearance photo

Meles Zenawi who hates Ethiopia Flag with the ultimate hate

Pregnant Bereket is expected to give birth in September. The new expected baby is Meles Zenawi

Map of Woyane’s/TPLF’s “Greater Republic of Tigray”

Gadafi jumping over the wall

Gadafi Jumping over the wall

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